Prolific Academic Review: Is It the Top Paid Survey Site?

Prolific Academic Review

Prolific Academic Review

Name: Prolific Academic
Opportunities: paid online surveys, test apps
Payment threshold: £5
Pays via: PayPal
Eligibility: 147 countries, ages 18 and older
Overall Rating: 98 out of 100

Overview of Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic, an Isis Startup Incubator company supported by Isis Innovation, part of the University of Oxford, is a market research platform used by researchers and startups to collect data(honest opinions) from participants in exchange for rewards.

Unlike other survey sites that send survey invitations to its members and have them fill out a screener for each and every survey, Prolific Academic screens each member once and displays available surveys in a participant’s dashboard that they are eligible to take. This saves time for participants, and they won’t have to worry or get frustrated about constantly not qualifying for surveys. This feature is the main reason behind its high rating.

The Pros vs. Cons


  • The prescreening questions are used to match you with paid surveys you are actually eligible for. No more getting screened out of surveys.
  • Low payment threshold of just £5.
  • Surveys pay good.
  • If a survey takes an hour, you can get paid the bonus hourly rate.
  • Surveys usually don’t take long to get approved. After 21 days of a survey not getting reviewed for approval, you automatically get credited.
  • Ability to contact researchers. I found this helpful when something went wrong during a survey that prevented me from submitting it for approval.
  • You can keep the reward for completing a survey or donate it to charity


  • Small team. Support may take hours or days.
  • Website occassionally takes long to respond or fails to load.

Who is Prolific Academic For?

Prolific Academic is for anyone 18 years of age or older looking to share their opinion in exchange for rewards(cash) for themselves or for charity, and it is also for researchers and startups looking to collect data for their studies.

It is especially for people who get annoyed and fed up with having to complete screener surveys all the time only to find out, after a minute or two during or after the screener, that they don’t qualify for the paid survey.

Tools and Training

As a participant, you can get an idea of how a study starts by viewing the demonstration study. There is no actual demo survey after this page(at the time of this writing).

demonstration study on Prolific Academic

As a researcher or startup, you can use your favorite survey tools—SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Unipark, Cognilab or any other software to run your surveys or tasks.


The support team is small, so responses and help may take a day or so. Prolific plans to increase their team’s size as their user-base grows.

Final Thoughts on Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is one of the higher paying survey sites where you may find yourself with an increased vocabulary after taking a few surveys, especially if English is not your first language. It stands out from the rest by prescreening its members once and only displays surveys they are eligible to take. If you grew tired and frustrated from getting screened out of surveys, I believe you’ll love Prolific Academic.

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If you’ve had a positive or negative experience with Prolific Academic, or if you have some tips, do tell. Questions? Feel free to ask and I’ll get back to you asap.

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