CashCrate Review – Safe or Scam?

CashCrate ReviewName: CashCrate
Membership cost: Free
Opportunities: Surveys, offers, & more
Payment threshold: $20
Pays via: Check, PayPal
Eligibility: Worldwide, for ages 13+
Overall Rating: 65 out of 100

CashCrate is a GPT(get paid to) website that allows members to make some extra money online by taking surveys, completing offers, shopping online and more. You are able to start making money right after joining and filling out your profile.

Members can complete up to 2 daily surveys each day, about $0.75 each, allowing them to potentially make $50 each month doing surveys alone.

There are different membership levels, from Bronze to Elite, each successive level providing better perks than the last, but you can only rise in level by earning it, not by paying for it.

Who is CashCrate For?

CashCrate is for anyone who is at least 13 years of age and wants to make extra cash online fast and easy, but most of the earning opportunities are limited to people living in the United States.

Pros vs. Cons

The Good:

  • Free to join and use
  • Lots of free surveys and offers
  • More than 7 ways to earn money
  • Earn points and redeem them for prizes
  • Good referral program; refer your own mom
  • Fast support
  • $1 bonus for signing up
  • Holiday contests and bonuses

The Bad:

  • Limited ways to earn for those who live outside of the United States
  • Can take a while to find a survey you qualify for
  • Can be hard to tell if you have completed an offer
  • Problems with some 3rd-party offers getting approved
  • PayPal only becomes a payment option after you receive your first check and either make $500 or get 50 active U.S. referrals
  • broken features/links on forums

Is CashCrate Safe?

There are 3rd-party offers and surveys at CashCrate, and you may be asked to provide them with personal information — like your name, email/mailing address, credit card info or phone number — to complete them.

When you complete offers, you give the advertisers permission to contact you. So if you are not the type to read the fine print when completing offers, you might end up like this guy.

Aside from the 3rd-party offers and surveys, I think CashCrate checks out safe. They don’t sell your information or spam you. It’s clean and easy to navigate around their site, and their forums are moderated around the clock, so you normally won’t be seeing any spam or harmful content lying around.

How Much Money Can You Make Each Month?

For the most part, this depends on where you live and your demographics. Most of the advertisers target people who live in the US; some target the UK and Canada; other places may get very few opportunities.

If you live in the US, it is possible for you to be getting paid every month by completing the daily/top surveys and offers. It mainly depends on your demographics and how much time you put in.

CashCrate’s referral program is available to every member, so if you can refer people who live in the US, you can potentially make a good amount of money. This may take a while, but the payoff could be worth it. Some members are making hundreds of dollars doing this.

CashCrate’s Support

Getting help and support on CashCrate is easy and usually fast. You can choose to get help on the forums or contact them directly using their contact form by clicking the contact link at the bottom of the site.

If you use the forums, you might sometimes get help from other members before an admin or moderator can comment, unless it is an account-related issue.

You can easily tell their support team from other members since their names begin with “CashCrate”. For example, the most common admin I have seen and gotten help from is CashCrate Dana. She is very helpful and active on the forums.

When Exactly Does CashCrate Pay?

After making whatever you have set as your minimum payment(default is $20) by the last day of the month, payments are processed by the 20th of the following month. In case that isn’t clear, if you make $20 by the last day of April 2017, your check will be sent around the middle of May 2017.

It can take a few days to a few weeks to get your check from when they send it.

My Final Opinion

I like how CashCrate is clean and straightforward–not cluttered and full of flashy ads and popups like other GPT sites. I think it’s a good place to start earning a little extra money if you really need it and have the time, but I find that it can be off-putting when you are constantly spending 5 minutes answering questions and getting screened out of a survey.

Having to earn PayPal as a payment method in this day and age feels inconvenient. They say it’s like that to motivate people to make more money, but that just doesn’t make much sense to me.

If you have the time to spare, some patience, and could use some extra cash every month, whether it’s an extra twenty or a fifty,  try it and see if you like it. If you don’t, you can easily delete your account at any time.

Click here to get started!

Have you used CashCrate before? I’d like to hear about your experience using it — what works for you, what you like and what not.

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