Quick-Start Guide to Taking Paid Surveys

How to Make Money Taking Surveys Online Without Spending a Dime

You won’t get rich or eventually put a job to shame by taking paid surveys online—like some websites claim—but you can make an extra twenty to one hundred dollars each month.

All you need is a computer, free time, and some patience. You won’t be asked to spend a dime or use a credit card. It is completely free. I started when I was 16(back in 2009). I know what I’m talking about.

Quick-Start Guide to Taking Paid Surveys

Quick-Start Guide

First off, I recommend that you first create a new email address and dedicate it to paid surveys only. It should be checked daily because you’ll get an email whenever a new paid survey or other opportunity is available, and there’s no telling when it will expire. They don’t stay forever, so you’d be taking a risk letting them pile up.

Some paid survey sites may send you lots of survey invitations and it can make your inbox look a little messy, so a dedicated email for paid surveys should be made.

1. Signup

Start by joining a few legitimate paid survey sites. Don’t forget to use your new email address when signing up … if you bothered to make one.

2. Fill Out Your Profile

You should find a link to your profile somewhere in the members area. Keep it up-to-date and make sure everything is accurate, especially the spelling of your name and address if you are getting paid via check.

Is it safe to give out your physical address? That bugged me when I first started because I didn’t know who to trust. Yes. It is safe…with legit sites at least. If you want to know how to spot a scam, click here.

The information in your profile helps survey sites match you with survey opportunities.

3. Make Money / Take Surveys

paid survey opportunities coming frequently
Lots of invites from SurveySavvy

When and where you get access to surveys depends on how the survey site works. Some list the available surveys in your dashboard after you login, while others only show you surveys via email invitations.


1. If you don’t see any surveys, just keep signing in to each survey site every day until they start showing up.

2. Some survey sites offer other ways to make money: sweepstakes, referral program, watching videos, cashback shopping, browsing the web, etc.

3. You won’t always qualify for a paid survey. There is usually a short screener survey that you must complete, and if you qualify, you get to take the paid survey. This can get frustrating, but there are some sites that only shows you surveys you are eligible to take.

4. Take your time and be honest. Finishing fast can automatically disqualify you, and they have ways to check if you are lying or not paying attention. You’ll see what I mean.

4. Cashout

When you have reached the payment threshold(minimum amount of money required to get paid), they’ll automatically pay you according to their payment schedule or you have to manually request payment(literally just click a button).

You’ll find this information somewhere in your account and/or elsewhere on the site.

That’s basically it, and yes. It is that simple.

If you have any problem(s) with anything, don’t be afraid to message the support team. I completed a long survey, but there was an error at the end when I hit submit, and I almost flipped. I let the support team know what was going on and about a day or so later, I was relieved(got credited for it).

If there is anything you need me to explain or need help with, just leave a comment below. I’m all ears.

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